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How to Write a Guest Post for Lending Central

These days, everyone has got something to say. However, not everywhere is there an outlet for you to get your thoughts out to the world.

While it’s our job to get you the news that you want to know, there are plenty of times where you have just got to get your thoughts out there. With that in mind, we’ve now introduced the ability for anyone to write a guest post for Lending Central! That’s right, you too can be a blogger!

So, you want to write an article…Where to begin I can hear you all thinking!

Here’s our guidelines on writing a guest post for Lending Central:

  1. Anyone is able to post: Readers of Lending Central, bloggers, etc. We will take guest posts from anyone with something to say (wether it’s published is discussed below!)
  2. Any guest post has to have something of value. The articles can’t be from a commercial site, you have to have written them yourself (ie no grabbing other peoples articles and passing them off as your own – that’s just wrong!) and the posts especially can’t be one that touts their great services (in other words, no self promotion). That’s called advertising and you can do that here as well.
  3. Likewise, the post can’t be from someone who simply states “here’s how great I am, please come visit my site.” The article needs to deliver some real value to our readers.  Having said that, you can certainly mention company names if it’s relevant to what you’re writing.
  4. What sort of articles interest our readers at Lending Central? Read the site and find out.  You can check out the “Most Commented on” and the “Most Popular” items from the home page.  Keep in mind that we have people from all over the world and not just Brokers either.  Borrowers, Valuers, Solicitors, Banks, Aggregators, Lenders and just general business focused people all read Lending Central.
  5. Promotion – If you currently have your own site, then you will get a hyperlink back to the site as part of the article (should it be approved). The link will be your homepage and a short introduction as part of the post. Don’t include additional links to your site in the post. Otherwise, it will be rejected.
  6. Posts need to be original, written by you, and not previously published on any other sites (including your own). 30 days after I post it here, you can feel free to post it on your site, offer it to others, etc.
  7. Write your best stuff. If you write a good, interesting, useful article, people will click through and visit your site. If you don’t, they won’t visit. It’s that simple.
  8. Length doesn’t matter. It needs to be long enough to add value and develop the point fully. If it’s too long, then we’ll simply break it up into several posts.
  9. We’re not editors. If it’s not good from the start, it will be passed over. While we endevour to help as much as possible, we do still need to focus on getting the news out to everyone, not editing articles.
  10. Once you write something, email it to us at news@lendingcentral.com.au in Word or notepad (text) format. We’ll get back to you on whether or not we think it works for the site.

If you have any questions on writing a guest post that isn’t covered here, just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Happy writing!

Comment Rules for Lending Central

Hi Everyone,

Here at Lending Central we’ve always believed in allowing all of our readers the freedom of speech. After all, that’s what the nature of the internet and indeed the basis of stimulating discussion is all about.

However, some “controversial” topics and our lack of hard-line moderation has resulted in some questionable commentary by our readers. It is with regret that we now have to announce the following regulations will be enforced and comments will begin to be moderated.

  1. Profanities – All comments that have any profane comments will be moderated and edited to be toned down for our readers so as to limit the offensive nature of them.
  2. Derogatory comments – All comments that have any derogatory comments towards interviewed people will be removed. Examples of this are: “XYZ, you are full of s$%t”, “XYZ, you are a d#@khead” and these will be removed. Interviews are extremely important to get answers to the questions that you ask and derogatory comments do nothing to make people want to be interviewed.
  3. Derogatory comments towards other readers – This is self explanatory and any comments that are aimed at other readers will be completely removed. Examples of this are: “Reader Name, you are a loser”, “Reader Name, you don’t know what you are talking about.” and these will be removed
  4. Comments that do not add anything to the conversation or the topic and really fall into points 2 and 3 above will be removed. The point of commenting is to stimulate discussion and new ideas amongst the industry. Everyone has a point of view and if you don’t agree with it, then come up with reasons why rather than just being derogatory.
  5. As an important note, points 2 and 3 (and to some extent, point 4) belong on something like YouTube, NOT on a professional industry news source. Over 30% of our readers are NOT from within the industry and for general public to see bickering and arguing instead of support and interesting ideas does nothing for the reputation of the commenter, or our industry as a whole. Please keep this in mind when you do comment.
  6. Commenters who do add value to the articles – and reading the comments, this is 95% of you, I thank you for your insights and valuable contributions to making Lending Central as popular as it is today.
  7. Please do not quote people’s names in your comments from third-party companies without prior written authorisation from said person. Where we receive notification from the people that they do not wish to be mentioned, your post will be removed.

Thank you in advance for ensuring that you do adhere to the requirements set forth above. If you have any questions, please let us know and drop me an email using the contact form at the top of menu.