MFAA Excellence award finalists announced


Each year we are treated with another round of awards in which we are able to celebrate our wonderful industry and recognise those who go above and beyond.

The MFAA Excellence awards have just announced the finalists for 2011 and it’s great to see that this year, all categories have multiple finalists which should lead to the a hotly contested race for everyone to take our the prestigious Operator of the Year award (and of course the associated bragging rights!)

As someone who has attended all the MFAA awards nights since they began, I am pretty excited about the gala being held at Crown Casino’s Palladium room on Friday 4th March.  It should prove to be a great night as always and naturally, you can find out more information from the link below.

A big congratulations goes to out to all the finalists and we wish you all the best of luck on the big night.

Have a look at the list of finalists and let us know what you think of the list!!

Look at the full list here:

MFAA Excellence Awards

See you at the awards!!

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  1. The words MFAA & Excellence should never be used in the same sentence. The MFAA awards just like the MFAA are a croc, how does the MFAA’s opinion amount to anything anyway?

    The MFAA have and continue to let Brokers down, I would rather go to the opening of an envelope!


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