MFAA Convention part 2 – Did you go?


Last week we asked our readers the questions “Will you be going to the MFAA Convention?”. The response was to say the least a resounding “no”.

Give the number of “out-of-office” replies we got back on our newsletter, we have to assume that a large portion of our readers did in fact attend the convention and in this regard, we’d like to hear from you!

You can see the comments from last week here regarding wether or not people would be going, but this time we want to know the value that people who attended did get out of it.

Did you attend the sessions? Were they informative? Were they of benefit to your business? How was the Expomart? Were there some good exhibitors? Did you go for the freebies?

Anything you can think of would be great to hear and you can comment below.

*NOTE: As per last weeks question, please keep it clean!

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  1. I attended and found it was both professionally run and very well attended. The quality of speakers was very high and I left with a positive feeling towards implementing change in my business. The Expo Mart was excellent with a little less hype and they seemed to keep more to promoting themselves rather than the give aways. I was also pleased to see so many of my WA colleagues attending.

  2. This year i attended purley to be informed ,educated and provided the additional support I thought i would require to advance into the professioanl world of the mortgage broker . This was totally surpassed in all areas including,the expo , presentations and events associated with the conference. Many of my colleges who also attended made similar comments. I consider this to have been one of the best that I have attended over the last few years. There was a real positive attitude by many who I spoke to whilst there. I totally support this years event. To have record numbers attend,record expo sites taken up and even more the positive attitude of the speakers really excelled in my expectation. A great 3 days well worth the effort. Mortgage broking is still alive to those who want to succeed. A professional attitude in this industry is long overdue. The more the better. 3 cheers to the MFAA.

  3. I am wondering did CBA (or any other lender) offer their Diamond Brokers any inducement or assistance to attend?

  4. Well yes I have attended 7 MFAA conferences since 2002 and yeah if you like to mix with other brokers the opportunity to do that was there. As usual some of the speakers were great and the conference provided an arena for the “everyday not high volume writer” an opportunity they would not achieve if they did not attend. But lets get real banana peel there where two bottle of grange offered by one exhibitor but when you went to the stand you only put your key into one box so reading between the lines yeah I get it. There was not much mixing between the executives of sponsors with the the average broker – it appears their preference was to enjoy special events outside the conference events. I feel the attendance at the “social” events was far more supported than the professional development sessions.


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