Mortgage Choice leads the way with online milestones


Mortgage Choice, Australia’s largest independently-owned mortgage broker, this month celebrates a number of key milestones that position it ahead of its competitors in the online space.

The national company may have been operating for 17+ years but is forward-thinking when making the most of optimising its presence on the internet, placing a significant focus on online marketing initiatives. This includes a 17% annual budget increase for search engine optimisation activities.

Mortgage Choice CEO Michael Russell said, “The results speak for themselves. In December 2009, the leads we acquired from online traffic generated almost three quarters – 74% – of our overall volume.”

“We’re just as proud of the fact that January marks the seventh consecutive month Mortgage Choice has ranked number one on Google’s organic search listings for the phrase ‘home loan’, which provides us with a considerable competitive advantage.

“Our website is also currently at the top of the list for other key search terms: ‘home loans’, ‘mortgage brokers’, ‘home loan brokers’, ‘home loan broker’ and ‘home mortgage loans’.

“Achieving such a high ranking for several of the most relevant terms for our industry is a feat we are excited about. It means we are more likely to be top of mind for both existing and potential customers and our franchisees’ local pages – their mini-sites within our website – are more likely to be visited by those on the search for a home loan.

“Everyone is aware of the rise in popularity of the internet for researching finance options. Our 2009 Property Investors Survey saw the internet easily ranking number one when respondents were asked where they sourced their property investment knowledge. These milestones demonstrate how Mortgage Choice is adapting to the needs of an evolving consumer landscape.

“The combination of innovative online activities such as search engine optimisation, reciprocal links and performance online advertising campaigns along with our lead allocation process, where incoming leads are followed up in 24 hours and referred to their local broker, is highly effective in driving repeat and referral business.”

Mortgage Choice’s online efforts are not focussed only on lead generation, it is transitioning to new online platforms to improve productivity and serviceability across a range of applications.

“As part of a host of e-commerce changes, we’ve now transitioned all staff and our franchise network across to a suite of online communication and collaboration tools. So far, we’ve welcomed Google AppsTM, GmailTM and Google SitesTM, which enable us to access key information anywhere, any time, on any device,” said Mr Russell.

“We’re also fine tuning our electronic loans processing technology. This, along with other IT initiatives, is helping us enhance our highly regarded customer service proposition, positioning Mortgage Choice to better take advantage of acquisition and growth opportunities in 2010.”

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