Wealth Today set to launch franchise model this month


Wealth Today AcademyFollowing approval of its own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL), Wealth Today launched it’s complete franchise model last week.

With this feather in it’s already well feathered cap, Wealth Today, a financial services company built specifically for brokers, by brokers, is now set to embark upon its greatest development in less than thirteen months since its formation in 2008.

On November 17th 2009, the company launched its complete franchise model, further revolutionising the broking industry as we know it in Australia.

The Wealth Today franchise is a financial services business model that bolts alongside a broker’s current aggregation set up. The model already has advocates of its success in brokers across Australia who have completed the Wealth Today Academy and taken advantage of the company’s second-to-none para planning services and business mentoring.

Kim Fewings of Pinnacle Mortgage Company remarks, “I am totally convinced that this is the future for brokers. Let’s face it, the lenders are already marketing financial services to our clients and/or having us act as defacto staff anyway in cross selling their products. Why not do it yourself? Have more control and lessen the risk of losing the client direct to the lender or worse, another broker who offers the full range of services!”

The Academy now forms just one part of a complete business solution that has the needs and experience of mortgage brokers at its heart. “We see mortgage broking and financial services enjoying a symbiotic relationship and this model is designed to strengthen the broking business whilst diversifying the broker’s revenue streams and reducing their dependence on the banking system for income,” said National Training and Business Development Manager, Julian Musgrave.

Key to the franchises’ success is the fact it enables a current or new business owner to expand their service offering without turning their existing business on its head. “It’s a complete turnkey solution with full support from day one. No guess work,” Julian stated.

A franchisee can become more to their clients without overstretching themselves. The package incorporates full backend support and administration, business development coaching, marketing training and materials, personalised web sites for Advisers and more. “The new franchisee steps into a world where the normal limitations you might have come to expect have evaporated and a world of carefully engineered possibilities extends before them for the taking,” said Julian.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Wealth Today franchise solution should visit www.wealth2day.com.au or contact the company at their head office on (08) 9207 1433

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