MFAA Conference update – Day 2 part 2


The MFAA, Mortgage and Finance Association of AustraliaI left the media room after my last update today and made my way down to the Expomart for the conference lunch.

Upon my release from the quiet media room – I had it all to myself as you can see from the photo album (at end of post) I was immediately impressed with the general noise going on around me.  The media room was located upstairs, out of the way and to get back to the Expomart I had to pass by the hospitality suites.

I can’t really say just how busy these suites were as I didn’t head on into them due to time constraints, but I did notice that a lot of people were around making their way between the suites and the Expomart, talking on their phones, catching up with other people and most likely trying to either get the goss, or the next big deal!

After I had my name tag scanned for entry, I entered into the ExpoMart, expecting the best after yesterday’s golf day meant the numbers were a little down.  Like one person commented previously, they were pretty happy that they could go and see people, and if that’s the case, they would not have been too happy during lunch!

The turnaround for the conference lunchion was pretty impressive.  It was just like the previous years that I remembered so fondly.  People were active, the noise was back, the joking and kidding around with other and of course all the excitement of getting the information on someone’s new products was all there again.

The MFAA Expomart I began the wandering around in much the same manner as the previous day and got out my handy camera and began to take some happy snaps.  The Expomart was certainly a lot better today and speaking with many of the delegates was hard to do, as they were interested in the exhibitor’s offerings and not really in chatting as I flitted by.

My first stop was to properly check out what each exhibitor was doing and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Canon and Kodak were offering document imaging solutions – always both an productive and environmentally friendly solution for offices!  Further stop off’s with the likes of QBE, Bankwest and FirstMac just to name a few was met with the similar new products and services and general exposure for the sponsors and exhibitors.

I didn’t get a chance to sample any of the lunch offerings as I was running late for yet another meeting in the afternoon so managed to get some photos for everyone to have a look at instead.

IMG_0354 I really could go on and on about the Expomart, but there’s not much more left to say other than I really thought it was great!  Most of the people that I had spoken to all found at least some benefit, whether it be from the very minor to others which found it to be a major benefit and well worth attending the conference.

Naturally I’m hoping for some prizes, but I doubt that I will win anything!

With my photos taken and a quick glance at my watch indicating just how late I was running meant I had to jet off for the rest of the sessions, which I’m sure will have been met with the same enthusiasm as the punters had expressed during lunch.

That’s it for day 2 updates from me and I’ll manage to get some of day 3 in before the long trek back to Melbourne!

Just click on the photo below to check out the rest of the photo album.

MFAA Expomart Day 2

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  1. Well done to the MFAA and the conference organizers this conference was one of the best of the seven MFAA conferences that I have attended. Overall great speakers. Especially loved Jackie Furey and Glen Boss, I appreciate Saul Eslake and Alastair Humphreys effort as well – very realistic and entertaining presentations. Great functions and networking opportunities. I look forward to next hearing about next years offering.
    Libbi Gorr was a great MC – for someone who comes from outside the industry she provided many comical yet real insights.


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