Brokers still matter. Just ask Rachel


Many of you have been wondering what had happened with our last “asking for help” post – who can help Rachel.  We had such an overwhelming response and while the quality of those responses aren’t for me to say if they were good or bad (after all I’m not a financial advisor!) they were helpful and well meaning (most of them).

You can read the post here.

With those responses came a lot of “hey guys, anyone head from Rachel” type of comments.  Many of you emailed me directly with helpful advice and concern over Rachel’s wellbeing and it’s nice to see that we all still care, even in these financially difficult times.  So I sent yet another email to Rachel asking how things were going.

Well, Friday night came around and I was just about to head home for the weekend and I got one of the nicest emails that I’ve had in quite a long time…and it’s all thanks to you.

Here’s the email that I received.

Hi Scott,

Thank you to everyone that has posted comments in the endeavor to help us.
We received lots of great comments and have started to put some of those
ideas into place, like transferring credit debt to balance transfer cards. I
just wanted to clear up a few points that people had made with the personal
loan and that was the personal loan was initially organised for us by a
broker, and then we had a few concerns with the broker with the fees etc, so
we switched from St George to CBA who incorporated the loan for us and also
gave us a top up on our personal loan for finishing the house, so I guess
the bank and broker gave us some personal funds towards the house. We were
not in a position to move back into the house as the house is 4 hours away
in a different town, otherwise we would have done that initially. We have
also now obtained a Financial Advisor, so we wont have to go through this
Unfortunately after much heartache the bank was unable to help us with a
large personal loan, and we were lucky enough to obtain a loan from family
(interest free) so that will clear all our debts with the CBA, we have
transferred our credit card over to NAB for 0% for 6 months and we now have
obtained a financial advisor who is helping us with a savings plan to get
back on track, after paying back family which has saved us 4 years of a loan
and thousands in interest. We are now trying to obtain a partial refund on
our Mortgage Insurance, which is proving to be challenging but will
persevere. If it weren’t for the help from your site and family I don’t know
how we would have managed. Thank you for listening and helping us deal with
our mess. We are forever grateful.


So, that’s the resolution that we all managed to acheive here and I’m proud to see that we’ve managed to make a difference in our online community here at Lending Central.

Go on! Give yourselves a well deserved congratulations and I hope this resolution gives you all a little buck up on this monday morning!

Till next time!


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