La Trobe Mortgage Fund receives two ‘Best of the Best’ Awards.


La Trobe Financial has been announced as a winner in the Mortgage Fund and Cash Management Trust Account categories for Money Magazine’s ‘Best of the Best 2009′ Awards.

The La Trobe Mortgage Fund is particularly pleased to be recognised as 2nd-placed in the Best Mortgage Fund in Australia category, and 3rd Best Cash Management Account as it came up against a number of other bank and international fund managers in both categories.

Chief Executive Officer, Greg O’Neill said, “We are very satisfied with the outcome, and of the acknowledgement we have received. This recognition supports our belief that our Fund remains highly competitive as a low risk, flexible investment option for investors and important because so many managers are closed to investments and redemptions at this point.”

Mr Paul Wells, Head of Funding & Strategy at La Trobe said, “We believe our Pooled Mortgages Option has a number of excellent structural characteristics that have generated higher returns for investors over all time periods and most recently has allowed it to be the only award recipient to maintain ‘business as usual’ through the wave of industry redemption freezes. Alternatively, cash management accounts are a flexible way to get a reasonable return on your cash or to park your money while you wait for investment opportunities”.

As a result our Fund offers a series of investment options to suit individual needs and appetites. These options have been carefully constructed based on over 57 years experience in mortgage funds, and a history of having lent over $10 billion to over 100,000 individuals cumulatively. Independently rated AA- by research specialist PIR, 3 stars by Standard & Poors, and 3 1/4 stars by Advisor Edge, the La Trobe Australian Mortgage Fund is currently Australia’s 13th largest.

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